Monday, October 13, 2014

The Yoga Part

Oh yes...the yoga part of gratitude.

Our department at work dresses up for Halloween.  As of right now, I have my hat...but need to find a pair of brown yoga pants.  I am grateful for online shopping.  But I digress...

So what does yoga have to do with gratitude?  Both take practice.  I'll let my social work friend, Brene' Brown, explain.
It would be reasonable to say that I have a yoga attitude.  The ideal and beliefs that guide my life are in line with the purpose of yoga.  I value mindfulness and breathing.  I even have yoga outfits.  But, let me assure you, my yoga attitude and outfits don't mean jack if you put me on a yoga mat and ask me to stand on my head or strike a pose.  As I'm sitting here writing this, I've never practiced yoga.  I plan to change that between now and the time you're holding this book in your hand, but to date, I've never put the attitude into action.  So where it really matters--on the mat--my yoga attitude doesn't count for much.  
In the same way, we can read books on gratitude and talk about being grateful, but where it counts most is in the trenches, where it really counts...especially with others watching.  We can't pull it off, because we don't practice it.

So what does it mean to practice gratitude?  How do you do this?

Ann Voskamp practices by continually looking for things to add to her 1,000 gifts list I mentioned t yesterday.  Gratitude journaling is also a way to practice.  Prayers of thanksgiving or reading the Psalms or other areas of Scripture filled with prayers are helpful.

Practicing gratitude and praise does not mean that you will always be happy all the time, but you will cultivate a renewed mind, along with a steady, consistent current of joy deep within that will stabilize you in the middle of the most chaotic circumstances.

Try it!


  1. It really does make a difference! I post a Sunday Blessings on my blog. It is a wonderful reminder of the blessings in my life over the course of the week. I keep the blogger app on my phone so I can keep a list as I see the blessings.

  2. beautiful - beautiful meaningful message - thanks for sharing! The photo image is one of my favorite flowers and yet I have never grown them -- always have lived in cold areas.. Nicely done photo shot -- it's a eye stopper..


  3. Yoga is not a Christian practice. It is Hinduism, and CANNOT be separated from the worship of their gods. I pray God will open your eyes to the danger of this practice. (Yoga Uncoiled is a very informative video)

    1. I do not practice yoga. It was just an example used by someone I respect.


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