Thursday, October 9, 2014

Renewing Your Mind When It is Life and Death

Recently, CNN featured a front-page article on their website about a 29-year-old woman, Brittany Maynard, who has come out publicly that she has chosen the day of her death as November 1.  The article does not mention the exact diagnosis, but it sounds like the same aggressive cancer that took my father's life five years ago today.

Yes, I miss him so of the last times I heard him speak was when he prayed before his hamburger on a Sunday...Thursday night he was barely awake and by Friday morning he was gone.  He was an amazing Christian man and those final six months were the richest of my entire relationship with him.

Today, Ann Voskamp posted a loving and gentle response from another woman dying of cancer.  Not only timely for me personally remembering my father's death...but also a strong example of the power that renewing our mind in accordance to God's word can impact everything.

So, instead of trying to summarize it, I highly encourage you to read her letter and also the two short videos at the end at the link below:

Dear Brittany: Why We Don't Have to Be So Afraid of Dying and Suffering

All is grace.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Ann's blog post! So beautiful!!! Yours was too!


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