Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Name is Denise

...and I am an Idolator.

As a social worker who is very familiar with The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous...a tool that has expanded to be of great help with a myriad of addictions...this is the first step.
We admitted we were powerless over _______________, and our lives had become unmanageable.
So I admit it.  I am an Idolator.  No, I do not worship statues or bow down to images.  But I have come to realize that I have "idols of the heart" that Ezekiel 14 talks about.

This summer I read a book by Dee Brestin, Idol Lies: Facing the Truth About Our Deepest Desires. It still remains with me, along with a virtual Bible study in I'm presently involved in, that emphasizes how true change comes from renewing our mind. (Romans 12:2a)

So what are my idols?  They are universally the same, yet manifest themselves differently in each of our lives.  Because we run to these idols, instead of running to the Person who wants to meet those needs Himself, our lives produce habitual sin that we think will bring us what we worship, what we pursue, what we run to, and what we focus on.

So what are those things to which we run?  Dee lists them succinctly.
  • Control/power
  • Affirmation from/approval of others
  • Comfort/security
Wow...that makes it simple, doesn't it?  Simple, yet so difficult.  

Over this next month I hope to become more transparent and take you along on this journey with me.  God wants to meet our deepest desires and to enjoy the abundance of fruit our pursuit of Him produces.  But we must change our thinking.

I'll close today with a prayer from Paul Tripp's devotional, Whiter Than Snow:  Meditations on Sin and Mercy.

I am too skilled
at mounting
plausible arguments
to make me feel okay
about what I think
what I desire
what I say
what I do.
I am too defensive...

In the holy of holies,
where I stand naked,
all covering gone,
before You...
may You do there,
what I cannot do...
May you create in me
a clean heart. 


  1. God has been speaking to me about this - and here it is again! I have so many idols. I am an idol, and my "oh I shouldn't have made that mistake" thinking is an idol. And other things too - I keep seeing them (without feeling that old familiar shame - God's voice is so sweet and gentle, ever reminding me that He truly IS "might to save".) Did I punctuate that right? Ooops there's another one. :) Much love, Kathleen

    1. Kathleen -- thank you for sharing so openly! If you narrow your idols down to the three mentioned, then what you are seeing are symptoms of one or more of those three. Self-condemnation can be from the pursuit of the idol of approval/affirmation OR power/control. Perfectionism is often about the power/control idol. Glad you have decided to join me.

  2. Always wonderful words from you. Great perspective.

    1. Big step for me...actually just using this as an overflow from my quiet times.

  3. This gives me much to think about. I'll be looking forward to reading your words this month!

  4. I can see this will be of benefit to many.

    1. We shall see...but I know this will be transforming for me.

  5. Visiting from #write31days. Your topic hits home. My idols are clear and present. I look forward to reading your posts. God bless and thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet over at LivingMyPortion!

    1. I'm excited about this project...and the community of believers who blog that I have found!

  6. Ouch! I have not dying to self so much in the last couple of years. I look forward to this month of reading your posts. You will be an inspiration.

    1. Well, Roxi...what do I say? Ditto. This is a very real message from God that this is an area where I need much work. Go at it, God! I'm in!

  7. Okay, I'm going to be checking in as well. There's a reason for everything and there's a reason I came to visit your site, right?


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