Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Hardest Peace

This afternoon a dear young woman, a friend never met, Kara, went home to Jesus after a 2-1/2 year battle with breast cancer.

I find her death this afternoon quite profound tonight as tears have flowed over some serious symptoms with my grandson, Gabriel.  This friend, in her death, points me to Jesus.  Gabriel has an MRI tomorrow.

When everything becomes debased of value...and control is slipping like sand through your fingertips...Jesus can truly be seen.  All that glitter is not gold and when all the clamor desists, one Truth remains.  Jesus.  I used to sing this song often at church...

You have faced the mountains of desperation.  You have climbed, you have fought, you have won.  But this valley that lies coldly before you casts a shadow you cannot overcome,
Instead of asking why did it happen, think of where it can lead you from here. And as your pain is slowly easing, you can find a greater reason to live your life triumphant through the tears.
When answers aren't enough, there is Jesus.  He is more than just an answer to your prayer.  And your heart will find a safe and peaceful refuge.  When answers aren't enough, He is there.
Kara lived her life in knowing peace in the hardest places.  She fought for a soft heart, to be kind, and find God's goodness in suffering.

And as I do not know the answers to what is faced tomorrow...Jesus is there.

Please honor Kara Tippetts with me by watching this video...