Monday, August 25, 2014


Where have I been???  I've been invaded by the know...Resistance.  This has been by far the most vicious attack of resistance I've experienced since picking up my camera in 2010 and began this creative adventure.

I have friends who actually use snail mail...with stamps...handwriting...messages in envelopes...

I took the latest message from my dear, Beth...just wanting to look at it...breathe it in as if it were a new one...and then answer it.

My Beth!  She sends these little quotes and treasures...and one message was, in HER own words, just what I needed:

Allow yourself to push past resistance into the life you know you love.

Honestly...until I read that...I did not know what I was feeling; that it was RESISTANCE that had me so clogged creatively.

And I pulled out all these postcards I had received from my fellow groupies who photograph...inspiring!

All of this gave me the strength to push me past my resistance to use my inspiration in these still life's.  Has resistance shaken the dust off his shoes and left yet...not totally.  But I think he might be thinking about it.

What do you do when resistance shows up?  Does your creative energies ever get sucked dry from the drudgery of hard drive fails, backing up, organizing in Lightroom, printer problems, and the tedium of it all the technology maintenance?

I would love to hear how you handle it...

PS:  All flowers are from my garden... :)