Friday, October 30, 2015

Thirty-One Things - Water


Three weeks ago, Ed and I were in the Canaan Valley area of West Virginia.  There is a lot of water in the mountains and valleys of Appalachia.  Small springs turn into brooks that turn into streams that turn into raging rivers, only to be added to from mountain runoff.

After seven days and nights of on and off rain, we ventured to Blackwater Falls.  Still dreary, the leaves would be saturated with color and the Blackwater River would be in full force.  The roaring from the turbulent waters rapidly, helplessly free-falling from 50-foot drop off can be heard long before they can be seen from the moment one exits their car.  To see it is hypnotizingyou cannot look away.  The falling water then twists and turns along an eight mile gorge.

The power overwhelms the senses as you travel the boardwalk and steps closer and you begin to feel the mist lightly land on your arms and face, and if you are not careful, your camera.  You forget there are those around you, as its mighty force draws you in.

Water is essential for sustaining life, and yet, too much of it will leave carnage in its wake.  Three years ago it was Hurricane Sandy that paralyzed the east coast.  Who can forget the devastation of New Orleans prompted by Hurricane Katrina?

“Water is powerful. It can wash away earth, 
put out fire, and even destroy iron.– Arthur Golden

In the spiritual realm, fear, doubt, stress, and self-pity can overcome me like water, tossing me about with nothing to hold on to at the mercy of this massive power.  But just as Peter did when he began to sink as he watched the water and waves below, keeping my eyes on Jesus becomes my anchor.  Peace be still.


  1. It is so easy to be tossed around like roaring water by our lives. Jesus is always the calm in the storm, our strength in our weakness and a safe place when we are fearful. Beautiful photo and reminder of the goodness of God.

  2. Love this. I'm writing about returning to America after living in China for five years and many of the metaphors I've used to describe the experience have had to do with water, so I really appreciate this post. Beautiful writing. Thanks for sharing with the masses.

  3. The force of water is unlike any natural power I've experienced. We live in the Appalachian Mtn Range and have beautiful places to hike, similar to what you describe - I see that water rushing down the side of a mountain and it makes my heart leap and my feet back up from the edge! Like Karrilee says, "Our Anchor Holds!"

  4. Oh, how true! I live in the heartland, landlocked, so any time I'm around an ocean or other large body of water, I think about this kind of thing. It's so beautiful! And so powerful. Thank God for being an anchor.

  5. I am afraid of water. I do realize its power and that's why I cannot overcome my phobia. However, I can't imagine my vacation without a body of water.

  6. Oh so much Amen!!! Our Anchor holds!


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