Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Thirty-One Things - Heart


I heard my heart crack as I saw the words on the lined page...”pregnant.”

My baby daughter, Lydia.  Age 20.  Not married.  I’m finishing undergrad in social work.  All too aware of the fact that single motherhood is a huge risk factor for a life of poverty.  I wanted so much more for my daughter, Lydia, who now had to face this issue.

As a social worker, I also knew the impact of protective factors...and my prayer was to be the best one I knew how to be.

I’ve learned that the things that break your heart have the possibility to enlarge your heart, increasing its capacity to give more love and to receive more love.

Noah came out perfectly in 2006; Elijah arrived in 2008; and Gabriel was a surprise in 2014.  My daughter’s misstep, which seemed to break my heart, brought to me a love I never knew.  I have seen her grow and mature and put those boys first, sacrificing much.  It has brought so much richness into my life.  My heart contains so much love and commitment for these boys.  They are now my hearts as well.   Gained three more!

This week Noah, in fourth grade, made an amazing still life in art class.  Last year he won the architecture contest with his building he constructed.  Elijah, in second grade, made a lovely monochromatic piece of art.  They both are learning the violin and are taking tae kwan do.

And Gabriel...we are so blessed he is here.  Gentle and sweet and so many smiles.  I am so grateful for his little life and the opportunity to embrace a new addition to our family.

Never underestimate the capacity of the heart.  What Satan meant for harm, God has used for good.

My heart is open to receive whatever He sends my way.


  1. THIS: "I’ve learned that the things that break your heart has the possibility to enlarge your heart, increasing its capacity to give more love and to receive more love. "

  2. Tara stole my quote! I loved that, too. What a sweet story of God's grace in you and your daughter's lives. Thank you for sharing it so beautifully.

  3. I loved it thrice. Great post. I know single motherhood can be hard, but you are blessed when you do the right thing. In the end, I would be proud of my daughter too.

    1. Thank you, Mary. She had choices that I'm glad she did not make but had those precious lives. She has grown amazingly through the process.

  4. I became a single mother at 20 as well, and I truly thought my life was over. My daughter is 14 now and I can't imagine life without her. Beautiful post!

    1. Meslissa - It costs to make a decision for life. I am proud of my daughter and proud of you!


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