Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thirty-One Things - Passion

A Passion for Christ//My only Hope.  The One who knows me and still loves me.  God in flesh who spared nothing for my sake.  My Everything.  My dearest Friend.  Life giver.  Savior.  My Constant.  Deliverer from myself.

A Passion for Ed//The originator of Ed-isms.  Super kisser.  Kindhearted.  Giver.  Compassionate.  Keeps me laughing.  Chauffer.  Great lover.  Christian.  Best friend.

A Passion for the Invisible//For those who are not seen and forgotten, especially those with severe disabilities.  Those with no voice.  Lifelong advocate on their behalf.

A Passion for Family//My beautiful Lydia.  My courageous Caleb. My three grandsons, Noah (smart as a tack)-Elijah (silly gentle soul)-Gabriel (just getting to know).  Praying they all find Christ and serve Him.

A Passion for West Virginia//Land that I love.  Land of my blood.  Appalachian culture.  Pristine country untouched by time.  The mountains are calling; I must go.  Let’s gooooooooo Mountaineers!

A Passion for Photography//It healed my grief after my dad died.  Learning to take good technical photographs evolved into the joy of capturing life and preserving memoriestelling stories.

A Passion for Quiet, Mindful Contemplation//Give me a cup of coffee, a Bible or nonfiction book, my journal, and the perfect writing pen and I am happy.  A porch swing is a BONUS!

A Passion for Nature//It revives me.  It is always changing.  Seasons bring routine and predictability.  Birding marvels me and brings awareness of the Master Designer.  Honestlymaking birds that navigate by the stars across continents.

A Passion for God’s Word//It endures, does not return void, transforms lives, is living and active, is relevant, is a road map, it is salt, it is light, it is a lamp to my feet, it keeps me from sin, it is food to my spirit, it comforts me, it draws me closer to the Lover of my soul.


  1. Wonderful beginning to your 31 days! Our passions are very similar

    1. Thanks, Cathy! So grateful to be writing again!

  2. A beautiful start to renewing your mind! You are very thorough and thoughtful in your words..

    1. Thanks, Beverly. Actually Renewing Your Mind is last year's. This year is Thirty-One Things.

  3. Denise, every single thing you listed is so thought-provoking and beautiful!! Looking forward to reading more!

  4. A great start Denise as always your work is beautiful.


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