Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thirty-One Things - Happy


Pharrell Williams in 2014 came out with the song, “Happy” which took the world by storm.  It’s been everywherein movies, commercials, social media.  I prefer the word joy but also believe that is a deeper current in the heart when happiness may not be felt.  But let’s keep this light.  What makes me happy?  (Oh, to name a few)

- Feeling my husband’s foot under the covers in the middle of the night.

- Autumn leaves, sweater weather, fuzzy socks.

- Two beady eyes from my favorite furry friend.

- Grandboys happy to see their Mamaw and Grandpa Ed!

- Friday nights after a long week of work.

- Capturing an incredible moment with my camera.

- Watching the Perseids out in the country on a humid August night.

- Time with a close friendover coffee even better.

- An Italian dinner followed with a live Il Volo concert with my Ed.  (One is coming up in February!!!!)

- Caleb and me sharing eye contact and burgers in the back seat of the van.

- A perfect porch swing day.

- Hearing the first chipping sparrow in Spring.

- Being at home.
- Carving out time to slow down, breathe deep, and be grateful.


  1. Coffee with a friend makes me happy too! That song is catchy though.

  2. I love your list of things that make you happy! Puppy breath makes me happy (among other things--that's just one of the stranger ones ;) ).

    1. HA! That's not strange! I love my corgi's soft tongue on my skin.

  3. Have you seen the book 14,000 things to be happy about? Your list reminded me of that! So good to remember.be to be thankful for the little things like being able to put your cold feet on your husband's warm ones;-)

  4. Great list of happy. :) Thanks for the encouragement today.


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