Monday, October 12, 2015

Thirty-One Things - Quote


I have been a collector of quotes.  I recall back in high school, my wirebound lined notebook filled with quotes and poems I loved handwritten in red. 

I find quotes a great jump off point for journaling.  They also serve as great mantras to memorize. When we think of Bible verses, aren’t they actually quotes we memorize?

I often give quote jars to special friends as gifts. They are clear glass jars with lids, filled with individual quotes on cut, printed paper, randomly placed for the receiver to pull a single quote out at any time they need one.

A great resource for quotes: 

Quotes can be very convicting.  One of particular notice is from Paul David Tripp from his book, Whiter Than Snow.

I am too skilled
At mounting
Plausible arguments
To make me feel okay
About what I think
What I desire
What I say
What I do
I am too defensive...
In the holy of holies,
Where I stand naked,
All covering gone,
Before You...
May you do there,
What I cannot do...
May you create in me,
A clean heart.


  1. I love quotes too and have also given quote jars as gifts. That quote is certainly a challenge and is definitely me.

  2. I love quotes. But other than scripture have not written them down.

  3. I love quotes as well!!! I am including one in almost all of my 31 Day posts this year!!!! Thanks for the on-line resource!!!!

  4. What a cool idea! One can never have too many inspiring quotes on hand ;).

  5. I have always been a quote saver and lover too. But never thought of a quote jar as a gift. Wonderful idea.


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