Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thirty-One Things - Makeup

Makeup Musings!

- I grew up in a household where makeup was seen as “worldly” and “sinful.” The only makeup I ever saw my mother wear was liquid foundation.

- Even though as an early teenager I would wash off any eye makeup I had used (usually a pencil liner for my lower lid), my mom could always tell!  She eventually gave up.

- Plucking my eyebrows the first time was painstaking. It was hard for me to tell what they looked like as the plucked area was red and puffy.

- Although warned not to do so, my girlfriends and I always swapped makeup, sharing colors, highlights, concealer, blush, mascara.  Experimenting was fun!

- With big dark eyes, colored eye shadow never did a thing for me.  I would try greens, blues, plums, pinks.  Only browns worked.

- I’ve spent a lot of money on makeup.  Drug store makeup.  Department store makeup.  At one time I was only an Estee Lauder girl.

- My favorite lipstick was Estee Lauder Café Rose topped with Tiger Eye.  Now, I rarely wear lipstick.  I still like it but it doesn’t last.  I’m not one to carry it around with me to reapply.  Maybe that's called freedom.

- Now that I’m older, I think about how to change up my makeup.  If you don’t change it up, you can actually look older, less attractive, dated!  Still trying to balance that.

- My favorite days are when I don’t have to work, don’t have to shower, don’t have to do my hair, and don’t have to do my makeup.  Better than that is having a husband who understands this and does not mind me being frumpy for a day.

- Maybe she was born with itmaybe it’s Maybelline!


  1. Ah makeup! I love it... but I wish I was not so tied to it! I love those days that I don't have to 'put on my face' - but those are the days that I don't have to leave the house either! I rarely go out without makeup! I still like color... even though I am 'older' now... I can't help it! I should go more neutral, and I do from time to time, but sometimes that purple or green calls louder than the bronzes and browns! Fun post!

    1. I have days that I don't go out without it...and days when I don't care (although going to work made up is a given). I have had times when I needed to run to Walgreens for something fast and I'd wear my Walgreen's uniform (jammie pants, hoodie, baseball cap, and NO makeup...oh yes, and flip flops). FREEDOM!

  2. I love your approach and grace. Keep enjoying the beauty of who God created you to be.

  3. Oh my goodness,,,,,you sound like me,,,,I grew up the same way you did! I enjoyed reading this so much,,,right now I am sitting in my sweats,,,no makeup,,,, unruly hair... happy as a clam! thanks for making me smile today!!


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