Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Thirty-One Things - Paper


I have never been inclined to purchase a Kindle or Nook or use their apps on my Android phone. I am a lover of paper!  I love to feel it on my fingers whether textured or silky smooth.  And not all paper is created equal.

This Spring, I discovered a book-azine that I absolutely fell in love withBella Grace.  So many superlatives I could attribute to this incredible publication:  exquisite photography, succulent words, and, not to be ignored...LUXURIOUS PAPER!  I carry my issues in my tote daily, “just in case” I get a moment to peruse.  That alone, brings me comfort.

I will skim article on the Internet, but when I want to do intentional reading to learn, absorb, contemplate, or focus...that paper HAS to be in my hands.  I need something concrete to underline or highlight or turnover to hold my place...and of course to fall in the bathwater when I read in the bathtub.

Early on in my learning days of Photoshop I became exposed to digital scrapbooking.  Wow...great way to scrapbook without having to store all those supplies and you can use them over.  It has its place, but after I found Project Life and participated in One Little Word, I knew I had to have the real paper experience, at least in some way.  Loving paper is similar to my love for fabric...collecting it, I might add.  I have evolved into a hybrid girl.

When it comes to the newspaper, I have not subscribed to it in decades.  The ink on the cheap newsprint dirties the hands, getting smeared onto other items like clothing, countertops, good paper.  It also creates a lot of waste.  The convenience of getting the news delivered to your doorstep does not outweigh the cons.

My favorite paper is the thin, tissue pages of the Bible and the sound they make in church when congregants are looking up a passage of scripture.  It is music, because those pages contain the words of life.  Keywording the verse in a Bible app in the same setting just does not emote in the same way.

Don’t ever say to me, “It’s just paper.”


  1. I am a fellow paper and fabric lover!

  2. I too love paper but have gone very digital of late. I love the passion that comes through in this post.

    1. I do a lot of digital..but have to have some paper in my life!

  3. I have loved paper all my life and I just returned to a paper planner for that reason. I have missed writing things down - journaling my day right next to the to-do list and appointments. I am also a PL gal - love the simplicity and the end result!!! And, I totally agree, turning pages in God's Word is a sweet sound. I always use my paper Bibles at home because I really feel like I am digging for God's sweet treasure!!!! Sweet post!!!!


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