Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thirty-One Things - Hair


I’ve always been intrigued by hair...since I was a child.  My hair has gone through various phases and styles, like anyone’s.   My thoughts are random enjoy the journey.

1.  I have always longed for long luxurious hair.  My mother tended to keep me in short, pixie cuts (think Mia Farrow) in grade school.  Childhood is a time of pretend and fantasy.  Taking three old stockings of my mother’s (days before pantyhose) braid the legs, and then put one end on my head like a cap.  I’d dance around pretending like I had a long braid down of hair down my back.

2.  I remember my early high school years, my mother would give me body perms.  I would set my shoulder-length hair on huge rollers and I was ready for school.  By the time I walked to school in the early foggy mornings of September, it was back to frizz.

3.  Even as I child, I had an inkling that I looked better with my ears showing.  Hair over my ears made my face look broader.

4.  Right before I sat for my senior pictures, I cut my hair short and 40 years later have never grown it long again.

5.  In the late 1970s, thanks to Dorothy Hamill, the wedge became my hairstyle.  Oh, Denise, that looks so like you.  It became my signature.  The problem with a signature style, if you hang onto it, you look dated.  I upgraded to a more Princess Diana look.

6.  In the early 1990’s, I upgraded to a short style between Demi Moore’s look in Ghost and Halle Berry’s hair in Boomerang. 

7.  At age 58, my hair texture has changed.  I have never colored my dark brown hair, which is about 20% gray.  My last haircut was somewhat of a disaster so I’m waiting for it to grow out.

8.  Now I’m ready for a new style and am open to suggestions.

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