Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thirty-One Things - Ritual


I’ll admit it.  This word has stumped me.  I have rituals in my life but I don’t know if I can expound on just one to complete a whole page. 

My first thought was to write about the ritual this country goes through every four years.  Election hype.  It seems to start 18 months after a new President is elected.  Speculation about who might be eyeing the prize that goes on until wannabes start declaring their candidacy.  Every word, every movement, every nuance is scrutinized. 

And then come the debates

And the pundits, aka talking heads, before AND after

Who’ll drop out, what do the polls say this very nano second

And the live Twitter feeds go crazy!!!!! (And I kinda get into it.)  It’s become this country’s ritual.

But I want to talk about a ritual that’s way more fun and happens every night.

You can tell when Arthur gets antsy and wants me and Ed to head for bed.  Do you think it is because he is tired? Absolutely not.  Ed and I do our individual before bed routines and then climb under the covers.  Our furry four-footed Pembroke Welsh Corgiyes, Arthurflies his long short-legged body into our bed.  He knows he’s in for wrestling and playing and petting.  Arthur knows Mom will hide under the covers and make him have to find her.  Arthur knows Dad will wrestle with him.  Arthur knows this ritual like the back of his hand.

But smart doggyhe knows when Ed turns on his side and I turn on my stomach, it’s sleeping time.  He dutifully knows his ritual is to bound off the bed and land on his soft bed on the floor adjacent where we sleep for the night.  And he smiles as he goes off to sleep thinking, “Oh boy!  I get to do this again tomorrow!”


  1. Our ritual is with Sam, our 14-lb Poodle/Terrier mix - he tells us when it's time to go to bed. He begins following me around, staring a hole through me - he watches every move I make. When I finally head to the bed, he gets his froggie and joins us. He goes up to my hubs and climbs up on his chest for "Sammie scratches." Once we settle in, he goes to the foot of the bed between sets of feet and settles in for his night's sleep. These precious four-footed friends - make our lives so much more fun!

  2. I love your dogs ritual!!! Sounds like tons of fun. We adopted a pair of bulldogs just over a year ago and since there are two of them and they snore and fart with the best of them we have opted to not let them on the bed with us. In the beginning this was so hard for me, and it still is, as some nights it would be grand to snuggle at least one of them all night long. However, I know I would regret that decision in one night. Their ritual is to not come to bed when we first start our nighttime ritual - they both play hard to get and have to be asked several times to come to bed before giving in. Sometimes our nighttime ritual includes closing the bedroom door on them until they start walking towards our room. This wasn't always the case but it has been the new night time routine for a while now!!! Gotta love bulldogs - it's like having a pair of twin 2 year olds for the rest of their lives!!!!!

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