Monday, October 8, 2012

Three Gifts ~ One Baked, One Stirred, One Eaten ~ Day 7

Another relaxing morning in West Virginia...this morning awakened to snow falling...which now has turned to a slight rain.

This morning's focus is Day 7 of the Joy gift baked, one gift stirred, and one gift eaten.  You can geta copy of the daily dares here, if you'd care to join in.

1.  One gift baked ~ luscious cinnamon rolls filling the air with the aroma of comfort.

2.  One gift stirred ~ the small air bubbles forming in the wisked pancake batter.

3.  One gift eaten ~ golden silver dollar pancakes with warm syrup on a tray with fresh coffee and milk.

Now this is not part of the three...but probably the best gift mentioned...ready?  It's a secret...just between us...

Edster made all of the above for me... she said as she waddled across the room.


  1. Oh, I like your Edster. That's my kind of guy! It sounds like he's a gift in himself.

  2. He really is a keeper! Tina Hunt

  3. He really is a keeper! Tina Hunt


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