Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Caught...Let Go...Mid-Way

Another day trip with Edster, me, and Bruno in wild, wonderful West Virginia...


 Large Iced Teas

Ed was behind the wheel and we had our iced teas...and off we went to the high country of Pocahontas County.

And faithfully, God showed me abundant gifts, including 3 - 1 caught, 1 let go, 1 mid-way.

 A Child Remembered

  • I read out loud to Edster as he drove...returning back to Ann Voskamp's book we read last year, One Thousand Gifts.  As I opened the book, I was caught by surprise by a memorial leaflet from the calling hours I had attended for a 2-year-old that had been accidentally hit by a vehicle backing out of her driveway.  Ann's story begins the same way about her 2-year-old sister.  I remembered the gift I caught one night while on call to be a healing presence to this family and gift to know this loving family.  It was not a gift I expected to think about today...and therefore, it was also a gift that caught me by surprise!

Autumn at Cranberry Glades

  • Throughout the day, I was lavishly surrounded by all of this incredible beauty of God's creative artistry making the mountains appear blanketed with patchwork quilts of red, gold, orange, yellow, and green.  The trees were on fire!  And while I embraced every moment indulging in God's gift of autumn glory, I also knew I would have to let go.  There was no way I could take it home.  Photograph it, as I may, I could not clone what my eyes were seeing...the brilliance, the dimensions, the richness.

Maple Rain

  • Though many gifts I opened today will have to remain behind, what a gift it is to realize that it is only Wednesday...not even mid-way through my vacation.  And what a time of renewal and wonder it has been, thus far.

What were yours today?  Tomorrow...3 Gifts Reaped!  Keep your eyes open...God's gifts are waiting!



  1. Awesome Denise. Thanks for sharing the beauty with us!!!

  2. Very nice Denise - enjoy the rest of your vacation - you are so creative - this is a hard one... I will have to think.....

  3. Diane - just let God bring them to your mind...just pay attention when he does. :)


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