Sunday, October 21, 2012

Days 20 and 21 ~ Three Unconventional and Three Undervalued Gifts

It's hard to believe we're talking Days 20 and 21...didn't we just start this?

I sometimes think...when I am looking for gifts...I am looking for some great "aha!" moments...

Like the earth will shake and they will come announced, neatly wrapped...

Something out of the ordinary...

But not so...

Day 20 ~ Three Gifts Unconventional

Like this morning...(and I'm not being silly...)

A Q-tip to clean my ears...

A safety pin to fasten the part of the hem of my pants I noticed was torn as I was quickly getting ready for church...

This smooth-writing teal gel pen to take notes this morning as we pored over Hebrews 4:12-13.

Day 21 ~ Three Gifts Undervalued

Turning on my faucet with clean water readily available to drink...(how can we not value what 89% of the rest of world does not have access to?)

Speaking of we realize the gift, the incredible gift, that we can connect from all over the world through the internet...although we may never meet face to face?

And did we value the moment that just passed...and the one we're in now...or are we looking ahead or too numbed to live in this very moment? 

These are the baby shoes worn by my, at best, is all goes so fast...

Value the moments...

Look for God's gifts...

Don't miss a single one...


  1. We take so many things for granted. My son spends four months in the summer up in Alaska in a very small village working for a fly fishing sports camp. He comes home with horrific stories about the living conditions these folks live in, not water, or sewers, etc. We all need to be reminded of the blessings we have. Thanks for the reminder Denise.

    1. Oh, Cathy...I need the reminder, myself...I wise man once said, "He teaches best what he needs to learn most."

  2. Hi Denise...such a beautiful post and wonderful photos. is good to stop and be thankful for all our blessings.

    1. Thank you, Nancy...I do not think God intended us to live at such a frantic pace!

  3. Thank Denise, wonderful again. We do not realize how blessed we are. I think everybody should at some point in their life visit an poverty stricken area to get a reality check.

    1. Our pediatric palliative care center is partnering with a pediatric palliative care group in Kenya just getting started. We're raising some funds and giving them some mentoring support, as well as cheering them on. I am humbled with HOW much we have...and waste so much of it.

  4. Lovely and simple and that's how it should be and we should remember to be grateful thanks Denise...

    1. Sometimes I think gratitude is just about focusing on the good.


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