Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4 ~ Three Gifts Reaped

As I sit here in our vacation rental somewhat under the weather...I started working on my challenge from Days 73 and 74 from Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers course.

Working on my occurred to me that it was one year ago, while vacationing here, I branched out took a leap into an e-course by Kim Klassen:  the Skinny Mini e-Course.  What an adventure it has been the past 12 months, investing time, brain cells, and yes, money, that has reaped multiple gifts this past year.

 Nothing Changes

  • This image a year ago would not have been possible for me to create.  The gifts of being able to read, learn, synthesize, create and produce into some tangible expression are truly from the Lord, as I've been willing to invest my time, talent, and treasures, as a possible way to share my faith and encourage others.

  • Through my coursework I have connected with some amazing women...many like me...many who "get me"...who continue to enrich my life daily as we interact regularaly...supporting and encouraging one another.

  • This simple, unassuming blog is the third gift reaped from my Kim Klassen creative journey.  I took her Behind the Scenes course, which she co-taught with Xanthe Berkeley...and look...I'm doing it!  God has allowed me this venue to share in simple ways the multiple ways He bestows His mercies on me every day.

And thank you, Lord, for my "under the weather" that shows me that sometimes stopping and slowing down and dealing with changes in plans often reap wonderful extra time to spend with Him.

Tomorrow...3 Gifts Returned.


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  1. Very nice! I think fall has a way of making us all think about the past. Like you I have taken Kim's classes and a few others. It is great learning. Thanks for the wonderful comments.


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