Thursday, October 25, 2012

Days 24 and 25 ~ Gifts Accomplished and Enjoyed

What amazing weather we've been having in Ohio...

Indian Summer...time after work to frolic in the autumn late afternoon sun...

Day 24 ~ Three Gifts Accomplished

My grandson, Noah, came over after school and spent the night...part of Mamaw's job was to help with his homework...before we could play.

As I heard him read, watched him write out spelling words...what a gift to see what he has accomplished.  This time last year, in kindergarten, he was just starting out.  He's grown and matured and learned...a gift of seeing his accomplishments and his hard work!

I had decided to order three canvas prints of three different photographs of mine.  They were a great deal...but I was still unsure how they would look...but took the leap.  Edster hung them up last night in our second bathroom...the combination of our accomplishments were special gifts yesterday, in addiition to Edster's previous work on the painting the bedroom grey, redoing the mirror and fixtures.

Every night when I get home from work...I go into our Master bedroom to get into "comfy clothes."  I have this beautiful golden yellow bedroom with white trim and white crowned molding that Edster remodeled for me (as well as the Master bath)...he is incredible in changing things for me according to my tastes...and what he is able to accomplish is a special gift to me.

Day 25 ~ Three Gifts Enjoyed

My final dahlias of the season enjoyed while sitting outside during the warm, early evening in October.

Enjoying Noah as he explores and finds his own gifts in the kale in the backyard.

Seeing Noah's delight as we celebrate his 7th birthday last night.

Wonderful gifts for which I am not worthy...


  1. Soooooo love your Blog! (lets not forget your awesome photograph)
    Mine is just days away...this time I mean it !!! LOL

  2. Denise, this was just wonderful. I love the photos of Noah. Children always make us see things through new eyes.

  3. you canvas prints look great! thanks for have inspired me!

  4. Love how the canvas prints turned out. I have a black bookcase like that next to our bed too. And it is full of books yet to read.

  5. You are worthy Denise , love Noah and Edster what a gem ....


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