Friday, October 12, 2012

Small Gifts and Gifts of Change ~ Days 11 and 12

Well...Edster and I made the trip from West Virginia to home in Ohio yesterday...and as hard as it was to leave this gorgeous paradise behind, as I sit here in our living is wonderful to be home!

So, the joy dare continues...31 days to crazy joy!

Day 11 ~ Gifts of Change ~~

  • The brilliant hues of a leaf changing color in autumn.
  • The misty fog that gives the high mountains a look of mystery when the weather changes.
  • The sugared forest when rain changes to a wet snow.

Day 12 ~ A Small Gift, A Smaller Gift, and the Smallest Gift

  •  Small red apples covered with an early autumn snow.
  • A smaller bumblebee on one of the last blooms before autumn turns into winter.
  • The smallest of diamonds of dew on wild grass shimmering in the early morning sun.
God's mercies are new every morning!


  1. Great post... I love the frost covered apples!

  2. Beautiful!!!! Is it really snowing already? (I'm afraid my Southern blood is just too thin to wrap around the idea of snow already!)

  3. These are all absolutely beautiful images - I especially love first one (leaf).


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