Friday, October 4, 2013

Silence, Serenity, and Solitude - My Friday Find

Vacation is to be stress free...but (at least for me) the beautiful mountains of West Virginia where the leaves are on fire...there is a tension.  It is wanting to explore and travel to see and capture everything...but also realizing that part of my renewal comes from taking time to be silent and reflective and still.  I found that today...

There are two Adirondack chairs sitting outside on the property of our two-week home...calling my name.

They sit along a small creek that sings as it flows by.  I turned off the news...filled my tote with my Bible, journal, and a book...along with my camera.  I would not wander today.  I would take advantage of the down time and seek that which my heart and being craves...and seems so elusive in my work-a-day world.

My devotional today was amazing...
When many things seem to be going wrong, trust Me.  When your life feels increasingly out of control, thank Me.  These are supernatural responses, and they can life you above your circumstances.  If you do what comes naturally in the face of difficulties, you may fall prey to negativism.  Even a few complaints can set you on a path that is a downward spiral, by darkening your perspective and mind-set.  With this attitude controlling you, complaints flow more and more readily from your mouth (and mind).  Each one moves you steadily down the slippery spiral.  The lower you go, the faster you slide; but it is still possible to apply the brakes.  Cry out to Me in My Name!  Affirm your trust in Me, regardless of how you feel.  Thank Me for everything, though this seems unnatural--even irrational.  Gradually you will begin to ascend, recovering your lost ground.  When you are back on ground level, you can face your circumstances from a humble perspective.  If you choose supernatural responses this time--trusting and thanking Me--you will experience My unfathomable Peace.
                                                                            from  Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

So I read some Bible verses and wrote some reflections in my journal.  Sometimes I forget how cathartic the physical act of writing is for me.  And I found silence and serenity in my solitude.  Then I noticed...

These by one...occasionally...would drop on me from the tree above.  And I took photos of where they would land.

And it continued...even when I took out my book by Senator Jim Webb, Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Formed America. a butterfly...even landed on my hand.

And other things fell...

And some did not land on me or a book...

Treasures from heaven...both the leaves and the words I read...on one of the most calming, peaceful days I've had in some time.

Sometimes the FIND is worth the time it takes and the sacrifice of leaving other things behind.


  1. Blessings were falling all around you. Such a great day, for sure. By the way...your devotion spoke to me about something I'm dealing with. I guess that's one of your blessings bouncing off you and landing on me. Amazing how He does that!

  2. What a scenic spot to spend time with the Lord.

  3. Beautiful I can picture you there surrounded by the gorgeous scenery just being .. Happy weekend my friend

  4. Your photos portray a beautiful sense of peace. I love the captures of the fallen leaves.

  5. You certainly captured the essence of just being... beautiful!

  6. Stunning captures, I love that 3rd to last one. What a wonderful reflective time to sit and be at peace.

  7. WOW, these are beautiful. Visiting from Friday Finds.

  8. So beautifully put - visually and written. We really do need this kind of time and space.



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