Saturday, October 5, 2013

Autumn Processing with Kim Klassen - 2B Day 31

I am writing this blog post as West Virginia gets slaughtered by mea culpa for any typos...and I'm not EVEN going to try the before/after mouse-over coding...

So...this is the original photo...RAW...with no edits -- straight out of the can (SOOC).

Kim took us through an autumn edit she did, and provided two Lightroom Presets from her edit.  You can see this photo already has a lot of yellow/gold tones in it.  But after a crop and running one of the Presets...

and a little tweeking...this is my final image.  I can hardly wait to try it on a less gold image....stay tuned!

And now on to the second half of the game...Lord, help me.


  1. Lovely rich colors and tones on the second one! The added golden colors in the upper area are just gorgeous! Hope your team won! :)

    1. Uh...Hardly! But WVU lost 92% of their first string players last we're rebuilding!

  2. Love your edit, but I also love the original too.

  3. The original is beautiful, but I do love the added golden tones! If it helps...our team lost this weekend too!

  4. Great edit, love the healing and the tones.

  5. So lovely! Even the pre-edited version is great!

  6. A beautiful image -- in both versions.

  7. It was your image here that made me have to do one too.
    Just so you know. :)


  8. Wow! Both images are absolutely gorgeous! Nice work. :)


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