Friday, October 11, 2013

Meet Mattie - A Friday Find

What is SO not to love about this wonderful creature.  I'm linking up with Kim Klassen today with her weekly Friday Finds.  And check out what we found in Thomas, West Virginia!

Mattie is an AKC purebred bloodhound...a gentle giant of four years of age.  Mattie loves to run and follow fact, bloodhounds have been known to follow and track something with so much tenacity that they forget to meet their physical needs of rest, food, and water...sometimes running themselves to death.

Mattie has four girlfriends...quite the playboy!  They are all purebred bloodhounds as well who have given him many children.  But Mattie has his morals.  No shacking up for him.

He lives with his caretaker, Barry,...a local, salt of the earth mountain man who has a long history in the mines of West Virginia.

Barry chatted with us quite a long time while we ooh-ed and ahhh-ed over his fine furry fellow.

And he told us about a backroad, off-the-beaten path way along an old rail bed to find this little gem.

Locals are ALWAYS the best.


  1. He's wonderful! so full of character! Great shots, Denise!

  2. Awesome photos. I love the bloodhound. They have so much character and you captured it. And the falls are wonderful!

  3. Wonderful photos that show so much character.

  4. He is wonderful. How great to have that conversation.

  5. What a beautiful find he led you to! Wonder what other great places he knows about!

  6. What a great dog Mattie is !
    And such a beautiful place, lovely photos !
    Nice weekend,

  7. Mattie is a fine looking dog. You got some great shots of him. How nice to meet the owner and be told about the lovely scenic place. It's beautiful.

  8. Mattie is truly handsome, in a distinguished, hound-like manner. We had a purebred basset hound when I was a girl. I'm still a sucker for that sad, wrinkled face and those floppy velvet ears.


    love the waterfall too!


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