Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Stroll Through Thomas - Part 1

Writing from my favorite chair...  Who would have thought one would need to recover from vacation?  I'm not sure what I've done to myself, but I've been dealing with sacroiliac joint dysfunction for over four days on Alleve and sitting on a heating pad. So...let me reflect on part of our day in Thomas...

Thomas is a tiny town, population: 567, nestled in the area of Blackwater Falls State Park and the gateway into the Canaan Valley.

Oh my...a quaint coffee shop called Tip Top...which their website says is an adjective that means of the very best quality.

And I could hardly pass it up after seeing this temptress...

So we stopped in.  A man was walking out with one to go cup saying, "You better have your checkbook."  Dude...I'm not looking for a cup of coffee I pour myself from a gas station convenient store...

The aroma...the ambiance...seeing Kimberly hand washing dishes...  Kimberly is a transplant from Portland and could not have been nicer.

I'll have a Latte, please...

A cup of joy individually made and served by Kimberly...mmm, heaven!  Edster had an Americano.

The place is filled with coffee and artisan chocolates for purchase to take home.

And mugs with this nostalgic, vintage feel with their logo...

And although I did not partake...tons of goodies and pastries were ever so tempting.

The whole experience is true to their name...of the very best quality!

So, if you are ever nearby...stop in.  And of course, you can always find them on Facebook!


  1. Looks like you found treasure. Those are wonderful mugs.

  2. I can almost smell the coffee...yum!

  3. I commiserate with you on your back problem. ( I am going on 1 1/2 months now) What a sweet set of photos of what must have been a multi-sensory experience. Mmmmm! Feel better soon.

  4. I would love to spend a few hours at the Tip Top! Love all your photos :)

  5. Mmmm...warm, inviting, delicious. You've captured this all quite nicely.
    PT for your back pain maybe?


  6. I love individual coffee shops looks charming.

  7. What a delightful coffee shop! I hope you're feeling better soon!


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