Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Small Steps

I've been engrossed in organizing my Photoshop brushes since the weekend...what a job!  But so worth it...knowing what I have is a real plus!  I got some great tips and a template from Nanette Dalton, writing for Digital Scrapper.  But I feel like it will take forever but...I'll get there taking small steps.

So in light of this huge organizational task and after reading Kim's Texture Tuesday today and Day 59 from Beyond Layers yesterday...this is where my inspiration took me.

 Believe in Small Steps
You need to be content with small steps; steps you take every day so when you look down the road  it all adds up and you know you've covered some distance.

-K. Kavincsky

These were flowers that my Edster bought for me...I put them in a porcelain white pitcher and looked down over them on the front porch and snapped this photo.

 In my work, I am always telling families to be gentle with themselves and to acknowledge all that they are carrying and managing with having a child with chronic/complex illness, plus other competing demands.  And yet, I fail to follow my own advice.

As Kim spoke of yesterday, we are all faced with strengths and weaknesses, areas where we can improve or do better...and there's some things I know I will NEVER be good at.  (I'm so glad wallpaper is no longer en vogue as it was in the 1980s, remember?  I will NEVER have the patience for THAT tedium... Laura Ashley and Waverly were major brands in those days...), but I digress.

I think the television coverage of the Olympic games  may possibly have unintended consequences.  With world records crumbling on the hour, we fail to see the multiplicity of small steps that got those athletes to that point.  In a world with instant information, instant drive thru meals, and the pervasive entitled attitude of American society...the value and virtue of short-term sacrifice for long-term rewards has become passe'.

In my previous posts, looking through my old journals reminded me of the many small steps I have taken in my lifetime and the distance I've covered...growth I've achieved...just by showing up every day, putting one foot in front of the other, one day at a time.  There were no giant leaps...no gain without pain.  But the dailyness of it all can so blind me of it all...

So celebrate your small steps...the multitude of small steps you have taken every day...knowing that they not only take you to places you never dreamed possible...but that the joy is in the journey and God's mercies are abundant along the way!

With gratitude,



  1. Lovely photo and very creatively put together.

  2. Brought back memories!!! Is the dining table picture of your house? I loved everything Waverly!! I still have some Waverly Toile curtains and I still love them!! I used to be good at hanging wallpaper, but like you am glad it is not in vogue right now. So much work to install and remove!!

  3. Gorgeous photo Denise and if that IS your room there, it's quite lovely!!! Very thought-provoking post. I enjoyed it!

  4. Your photograph is beautiful, and I love the saying with it as well. Your post is such a great reminder for all of us!

  5. Laura Ashley still going strong ! Great post Denise life has changed so much hasn't it....
    Love your layout and lovely to have a husband who gives you flowers what a gem...

  6. Love the post Denise. Small steps definitely lead to long journeys. It is so nice to have the knowledge to look back at those small steps and see where they have lead.

  7. Beautifully done and I love the quote. I think I am taking small steps because if I took bigger steps I'd be all caught up.


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