Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pieces of Me - A Scavenger Hunt

This week our "Beyond Layers" e-course challenged us with a collaborative idea between Kim Klassen and Kathy McDonald.  This is part of Kathy's contribution:
When my girls were born I started scrapbooking. One day I noticed a lady making a "Pieces of You" page. I loved this idea because she was using the cropped discards from the photos she was putting in her scrapbook. We often cut out the background noise in our photos that also show pieces of our lives, for example, a mailbox, a car etc... The other day I had several ideas come to mind and remembered the lady's scrapbook page. This prompted me to send Kim an email. I would love to see pieces of your lives

So, Kim challenged us to collect pieces of our lives through a Scavenger Hunt - prompting to find different items.  These were my findings...

My Breakfast

Our generic rice chex cereal (cheaper at Wal*Mart) with coffee...but most work days it is just coffee.

 On My Feet

We had to take a photo based upon "on my feet"...a self-portrait of my foot!  Love my tattoo?  It's really just a helium heart brush I put on the photo (tattoo wannabe).  And the polish on my toes is from our work retreat pedicure...the color is called "Bad Romance."

 My Favorite Chair

My favorite chair...this is where I am sitting right now...barefeet on the ottoman, where I do a lot of my laptop work.  I should use my office but it feels so isolating after being away from the Edster all day.  This is in our living room.  The Hydrangea came from Mrs. Haslinger's garden, where we had our work retreat last Saturday.  Oh the photos I came away with...

Front Door and Mailbox

My mailbox and front door.  I made this more of a vintage look because the mailbox is that generic dark green you see on resin...very unattractive.  See Bruno on the screened porch?

 Currently Reading

A photo of what we are currently reading.  I have read this book multiple times.  And it is meaningful every single time.  It has sold over 10 million copies and written in 24 languages.  It ranked as one of the ten most influential books in America when the Library of Congress surveyed readers to name a book that made a difference in your life.

 Out My Window - Sunflowers!

The next challenge was to take a photo out of your window.  Mine is actually out the sliding glass doors (but close enough).  SUNFLOWERS...tons of sunflowers with fifty-plus diligent bumblebees hovering, taking advantage of their pollen of gold.

Interesting story about these sunflowers.  They are ALL volunteers.  They grew below the bird feeders...and so Edster decided to mow around the small tender starts and wallah!  We probably have at least 100!

 Favorite Beverage - Gingerale

And then there's the challenge of our favorite beverage (mine is gingerale - cold, thirst quenching, and light)...

 Light and Dark

And a light fixture...

 A Kitchen Faucet

And lastly...a kitchen faucet.  Heavens, look at those scratches!  (In West Virginia, we call them spigots!)

What a fun week...although life seemed to get in the way of getting all this posted.  But I hope you feel a little closer after glancing at these pieces of me.

With gratitude,



  1. My sister-in-law has a tattoo on her foot, she said it hurt like crazy. You went the better, pain free route :) I have never seen a faucet picture look so good.

  2. Love your sandals - they're in my favorite color! If I'm not drinking tea or beverage of choice is also ginger ale. All you images are great.

  3. My daughter had a tiny star tattoo on her foot and I (heaven help me) went with her ! That way Mum could supervise the artist said it is the most painful part to have tattooed ( I could think of a few others) Anyway Denise I love how you presented the scavenger hunt it is sort of another facts of Denise now I know what you have for breakfast ... Have a
    great weekend my friend.....

  4. hi you made your spigot so so dreamy....just wonderful...scratches and all...i love the scratches! And those sunflowers...sigh

  5. Love all your "pieces" Denise but that book is the one I relate to most! It contains the true secret of happiness and living a meaningful life. Great post!

  6. Yes, best faucet ever... You need that tattoo and that is a great book. Lovely post!

  7. I love your chair, your book (amazing insights), and Bruno on the porch. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. Love your post Denise! Ditto on the faucet picture!!

  9. loved seeing these glimpses of you through your photography. Such simple ideas, such lovely results. And I'm bummed because I didn't sign up for the Beyond Layers class!


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