Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Journaling Journeys ~ The Original Plan

As promised, here are some photo shoots of my favorite journals (this was the original plan)...I love them...I collect them...and each blank page has amazing potential and possibilities.  These are not all my journals, but these are the ones I chose to share with you today...

 Journal 1

These wirebound journals are ones I got for a song!

 Journal 2

Normally, I'd pay nearly $20 at Barnes & Noble for each of these, but found them for $3 at TJ Maxx.  Not bad, huh?

 Journal 3

I also have a few journals that have vivid color, made with Moroccan leather, with decorative engraving in the leather.  NOT from TJ Maxx.

 Journal 4

I love this teal one particularly with the butterfly on it.

 Journal 5

And, of course, the ribbon placeholders are a must.

 Journal 6

This is a journal that is just plain fun from Mary Engelbreit!  I've had it for a long time.  I was attracted to its whimsical feel.  The quality of the writing pages is astoundingly silky smooth!

 Journal 7

And look at this black and white ribbon!  What's not to love?

 Journal 8

These journals have more of a spiritual flavor to them with beautiful pages with subtle texture and pictures that elegantly resemble scrapbook paper.

 Journal 10

This top one is the one where I keep my running list of gifts, as inspired in the book, One Thousand Gifts.

 Journal 9

And this is just part of my list.

 Journal 11

This journal I held onto for years...I love this little beading at the end of the ribbon.

 Journal 12

I had hoped I could some day I could write about the courtship of me and the love of my life...if indeed, that would ever happen.

 Journal 13

And it did!!!!

 Journal 14

You cannot really see the top of this journal, but it is dainty and feminine, looking like Victorian wallpaper (and I'm not normally a Victorian girl) but it does have a vintage feel.

 Journal 15

This simple guided journal is for inspirations and reflections of gratitude for all the magical moments given to us in a day.

 Journal 16

And lastly, I got this journal with a magazine's called a Discipleship Journal with Bible study content for reflection and to encourage spiritual growth.

So there you have it...will I fill them all?...who knows...but I always want to take time to reflect on the times of my life.  And in the words of Socrates...
The uncontemplated life is not worth living.

With gratitude,



  1. I share your love of journals. You've a beautiful collection.

  2. Hi Denise...oh my, your really do have a wonderful collection of journals! I especially love your photo of the beads at the end of the dreamy. You have inspired me to pick up mine and start writing!

  3. Do you ever actually use them as journals? If so, I salute you! I love these sort of journals, and do have a bit of a collection of them, but I never wrote in them. I finally decided to start using them as note books- so they end up being where I take meeting notes, jot down quotes, create poetry, brainstorm scenes for my novels, keep track of passwords and email addresses, etc. The only thing they aren't is a journal!

  4. Beautiful journals....and your pictures! so warm and inviting. They give me a sense of calm and peacefulness. Something I need in my life right now. Thanks for sharing them and yourself.

  5. Your collection and perspective on the journals is lovely. I too love journals but am not consistent about using their power. And my writing is not as neat and beautiful as yours! One thing I've done off and on is "Morning Pages" as suggested by Julia Cameron of The Artist's Way fame. I always seem to know when I need to journal--do you?

  6. You have inspired me to open up one of the journals I have received as gifts over the years and actually write something! I usually use spiral-bound notebooks which are practical. that started when I, too, did my "Morning Pages." Are the journals too beautiful for my everyday thoughts? I think not!

  7. Your beautiful journals are inspiring and you have such lovely handwriting thanks for sharing ...

  8. Beautiful journals. Sounds like you did find the love of your life.

  9. Beautiful, you really have an amazing collection, thank you for sharing this, it is very very inspiring!

  10. WOW....your presentation was just awesome!! Beyond!!! Now to fill them all up♥
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  11. These are beautiful! I love how you guided us through them.


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