Friday, August 30, 2013

Blending Anyone?

I've been taking a class by Linda Sattgast of Digital Scrapper.  While I have learned so much from my guru, Kim Klassen...I was interested in seeing what other things I could learn from another source.  It's been eight weeks (and STILL not done) and it has been a wonderful learning process.

I learned how to make a texture by combining color and other textures...FUN!

Our homework was to create a texture and then add it to a photo...

This is the texture I made using a pale yellow-green base, then added three textures:  one of Styrofoam, one of distressed wood, and one of metal in various blend modes.

This is the original photo...not remarkable... (This is a veterans' chapel at our local oldest, active cemetery...lots of history here!)

But then some edits and desaturation...and then add the texture I created...

MAGIC!!!  (Kinda Gothic...remember Dark Shadows?)

Such fun!  And I had to create a folder of textures that I have far I have a grand total of one!


  1. You have one more than I have. Nice job too.

  2. Oh just my cup of tea I've saved the class to do later in the year...

  3. Love how this turned out. I am sure that folder will start filling up quickly.

  4. Oh this is really nice!! It does have a Gothic feel. The dots on the texture could almost pass as snow maybe?

  5. What a splendid job, Denise! I'm truly impressed. {I haven't tried my hand at making textures yet, not sure I will.}

  6. That is amazing! Congrats on creating such a beautiful texture and then finding just the right image to add it to!

  7. Oh my word, you know how to make textures! How exciting!!!! I will have to put this class on my to do list. Thanks for the shout out.

  8. Wow! Your photo editing on this is very effective! Kinda haunting.


  9. You did a remarkable job with this texture....The class sounds like lots of fun and I definitely will be adding it to my 2014 list of classes I want to take.


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