Friday, August 23, 2013

It Began With a Need ~ Friday Finds

My daughter and her family have moved back to the area...but she was in need of a bed!  We had the nearly new bed, mattress, and box springs that had belonged to my parents we weren't using...but we were using the other pieces of bedroom furniture. Yeah...let's give those, too.

We have this gorgeous antique dresser...would need some transformation...but how do I replace the other pieces?

It was off to Seville, the Funky Junk Boutique...the only area shop that carries Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint.  That's all...JUST some of this infamous, glorious paint...

Wow...what a wealth of antique stores and upcycled shops in this tiny town within a 45-minute drive!

Here was my chest of drawers...

...four drawers will do nicely, thank you...

I loved the detail in the hardware (although the third drawer isn't the same as the other three)...and the keyholes on each drawer.

There was evidence that it had been painted red...and Edster thought steam might have been used to strip the paint off as there was evidence that wood glue was no longer effective in some places. But my Edster is a genius and can repair...

...especially when we only paid $50 for it!

But I still need a nightstand...

I remember seeing this idea on Oh My! Creative for a side table...

I had saved the piano bench on which I sat for years learning and practicing piano...priceless to me...but...

and there it was!  A old vintage suitcase.

I got it for $8!  Yeah, the handle is gone but I'll figure that out later...

Diamonds in the rough, I say...just waiting for that glorious paint!

Stay tuned...


  1. So so jealous that suitcase !!! In UK that would cost a fortune... Would love to see your finished pieces BTW can you send Edster over here I need a handyman .... PS you can come too if you like lol.....

  2. Can't wait to see your finished results.

  3. Denise, these will be lovely! Can't wait to see the finished products. And this is great inspiration for me as we're redoing the furniture on our back porch and I need ideas for repurposing some of the still 'missing' pieces. Wish I could visit Seville with you. We have a similar town in Glendale, KY, which I love to visit a couple of times a year. Have a great weekend!

  4. I'm anxious to see them all completed! And I'm so envious of the dresser you found. I have been looking for a nice three drawer dresser for so long. This will be such a fun project!

  5. I can hardly wait to see what you do with your finds!

  6. Oh girl the finds you have!! AND A.S. paint!! I just finished reading another blog about ASCP and I'm pumped to get going on some pieces I have. LOVE the dresser and the suitcase! Keep posting what you do.

  7. That's pretty cool! I have an old one that I want to paint or put old newsprint on or something.

  8. Oh, I look forward to seeing your progress!! I try to keep all my creative things digital so I don't make such a mess, but I have and old dresser that is tempting me...

  9. Some great finds there! Can't wait to see what you make of them. My son's just about to move out and he's got his eye on a few of my things including a new bed!

  10. This looks like my idea of a good time! Last winter I white-painted an old pantry that I rescued from my parents' laundry room before Mom sold the place. It now resides in my studio. I want to do more. I hope you take lots of shots of the wonderful old suitcase.


  11. I've seen night stands made with old vintage suitcases. What a fabulous find. Hope you take a picture of the finished project for us to see!

  12. OH, such fantastic finds! I love the nightstand idea!

  13. Lucky you to have all that at your fingertips! I can't wait to see the finished results!


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