Sunday, August 11, 2013

Takin' It To The Streets - Sans the Doobie Brothers

I'm a little behind in my Beyond Beyond course...but I took it to the streets today!  Kim challenged us to take our camera out around people...and snap some candids...

So Edster, Arthur, and I wend down to the Cuyahoga Valley today for a Sunday road trip...

Indulge me for a second here...

You have to see how Arthur takes road trips...NO not in the back...ALMOST in the driver's seat...

With his head out the if he could fly.

So we headed to Szalay's...which I knew would be hoppin' on a Sunday afternoon.  It's a produce farm known particularly for their great sweet corn...and have other attractions.  Very folksy!

I was amused by this young lad's despair...then became envious that my age doesn't allow me to squat like this anymore and get up gracefully!

There was a wonderful saxophone player making jazz with glorious style.

But THIS is Szalay's!  Buying a hot, roasted, buttery ear in the hull...and enjoying its succulent goodness!

Arthur had to settle for ice is tough...

The simple life is SO good!


  1. Denise, what a fun afternoon with Edster, Arthur and your camera....Arthur leaning out the car window is priceless! The little lad is awesome - hands over his face! The corn looks awesome! Have a wonderful week. This was fun!

  2. Great street shots, you do this well. I also enjoyed the Arthur fun.

  3. OK Arthur is human in dog disguise I swear lol... Love your shots wonder what had so upset the little boy no ice cream that would make me wail ......

  4. Arthur is just too adorable...who can look elsewhere?!!!! I hope he has many years of eating his ice cream!

  5. This is such a fun series. Quite the beautiful dog.

  6. Great street portraits! You seem to have a talent for this. Please do more!


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