Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Hug Lesson

I have come to the conclusion that handwriting in my journal is one of the most cathartic things I can do.  Since my photography took front seat, my journaling has been neglected...unfortunately.  I realized that that has been something that has been missing...and it has always been a way I use to process and work through things.

It was Saturday...I poured myself a glass of root beer on ice.  It was quiet.  I got out my journal and my pen.  Embracing the solitude...

My gel pen was breezing across the page...time seemed to crawl compared to the speed of the work day.


In walked my daughter and my grandsons.  Now I love having them over...but I had been wanting this quiet time for soooo long.

I stopped what I was doing...visited with them...enjoying it every moment.  As they were getting ready to leave...Noah started to give me a hug goodbye.

Bang!  He bumped the glass of root beer...spilling all over the table and my journal.  Scurrying for dish towels and paper towels, my daughter and I got it handled.

I turned to Noah...he was cowering with shame for the spill.  But I wasn't interested in the mess.  It was managed and who cares...

All I wanted was his hug!

After they left...I looked at the pages of running ink.   It occurred to is the same way with Christ.  When we mess up, even in our acts of loving Him...He can handle the mess...

but it is not His focus...though we may cower in shame.

He wants our hug!


  1. Thank you for your beautiful post of mercy...both yours and God's.....

  2. Hugs are so worth more than anything.

  3. OMGoodness!!!
    I see in your post a perfect analogy of our lives this past 12 months...just when I thought I had reached a point in my life when I could 'take a breather'...well, circumstances stepped in and spilled all over my plans. Whatever I think I need, He knows better! Again and again Jesus supplies us with Grace in seemingly impossible situations - often seen only in hindsight. It will be okay as long as we continue to TRUST in his Mercy and Wisdom.
    I'm gonna remember "When we mess up, even in our acts of loving Him...He can handle the mess...He wants our hug!"

    Your images are wonderful too!


  4. I always felt it was a shame when a child got scolded for spilling their drink at a meal. It seldom is done intentionally, yet the scolding and the humiliation is there. Accidents happen. I'm so glad your grandson is getting his hugs and all the love he needs. It's just paper and ink. Now when you read it, you'll smile at how you got to give him a huge hug. It is a great lesson for him!

  5. Beautiful post! Every time you see this page with running ink you will think of your grandson and those forgiving hugs!

  6. Love this... you write so eloquently, and I actually think your journal looks beautiful. I had a similar experience this summer. My sweet little grandson broke an old vase and was terribly remorseful. All I wanted to do was HUG him, poor baby!

  7. Noah's sweet entry in your journal will always remind you of hugging him.


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