Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Solace of Flowers

I have started a new class called Start to Finish...more about the creative process and inspiration than about specific how to's...

I put together a still for the challenge provided on Day 1.

The Solace of Flowers

My Edster bought me several cut hydrangeas at the Acme...and it got me to thinking (which is always scary)...

I've truly enjoyed my garden this year...planted a lot of new perennials and some different annuals.

But what is the purpose of flowers?  Yes, I know the botanical theories and that they are needed to pollinate for procreation of ongoing offspring year after year.

But God is beyond genius.  His wisdom and ability cannot be contained.  He could have accomplished this same objective in a variety of ways.

I like to think He chose flowers as a special gift  to us...that He knew their beauty would bring us comfort, inspiration, and solace.

He always gets it right...

For each perfect gift of thine
to our race so freely given,
graces human and divine,
flowers of earth and buds of heaven
Lord of all, to Thee we raise,
this our sacrifice of praise.

- words from Folliott S. Pierpont, c. 1864   


  1. Love the blue tint in the hydrangeas. God is the ultimate artist.

  2. My son asked that same question years ago...while an art student. (He is now Art Director at a design company.) "What is the purpose of flowers?", as he looked at my table bouquet. I looked at him --- and said: "What is the purpose of art??" He said....touche'.
    God is THE CREATOR .... of course He paints!! And gave us so much material for our art as well! :-)
    Love your photo Denise! It's so 'quieting'.

  3. He does always get it right! Just lovely my friend.

  4. Beautiful and full of light ......have a great weekend my friend...

  5. A beautiful composition. Love the neutral tones Denise! Have wonderful weekend.

  6. I totally agree with Nancy and was stopping by just to say what she said. Beautiful

  7. I totally love your photo, and also the message! Love!

  8. Love it!! Everything about it!!

  9. Not sure where my last comment went.
    I love the soft tones and the vase. The quote and text are beautiful also.


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