Thursday, July 18, 2013

Furry Friends for Day 25

Well, Kim wanted us to try something different this week in Beyond Beyond.

No stills...

           No flowers...

                     No landscapes...

Today it is our furry friends!

King Arthur of Chestnut Hill

I'm has to be my Arthur.  I took this shot early evening today.  I desaturated the image after some editing in Lightroom and then added a white, feathered vignette.

He FINALLY stopped in one place panting...after trying to herd our boxer, Bruno.  What Bruno has in size and weight, Arthur is low to the ground and can nip those ankles of Bruno.  They are a hoot to watch!

What's Not to Love???

Now, Arthur's favorite place is under our bed.  It's where he sleeps.  It's also where he puts and protects his Milkbone stash.  Bruno sometimes is aloof, even though they get their Milkbones at the same time.  He's looking the other way and off goes Arthur with his and Bruno's bone in his mouth, stashing it under the bed in the middle...and guards it!

And at times...when something is discovered...USUALLY one of my flip flops are missing and I know he has it...he hides under the bed.  He thinks if he can't see me...I can't see him.  But that nose ALWAYS gives him away...

What a joy he is to our household!


  1. There is nothing quite like a dog...Arthur is very cute in these photo's...

  2. You have a very fun, furry friend.

  3. I LOVE Arthur!! Your story about him is adorable, and how he loves to hide all of the Milkbones under the bed. Cute photos Denise.

  4. Enjoyed your journaling. Great capture. :)

  5. Enjoyed your littel story, Arthur is so sweet.

  6. Got to love the herding ability of those Corgis.

  7. These are so fun Denise, Arthur is a funny one, love the results of the Milkbones. This is where a small dog is a bully or in Arthur's case a working dog. My little 9 pound thinks she is 50 pounds when she is around a big dog. I really like all of them.

  8. Replies
    1. Of course he does, Viv...he's from the British Isles!

  9. So precious! I love that first shot.

  10. Arthur looks like a little to get away with anything since he is so sweet!

  11. Hi Denise...oh so sweet! I love the photo of him peeking out from your bedskirt...adorable!

  12. Arthur loves the camera...and vise versa!


  13. What a cutie Arthur is, Denise !
    I love his pretty innocent look :-)
    Nice day,

  14. Arthur is my kind of boy...of course you need to hide your stash! You never know when the need will appear♥ Our Dalton likes to hide from us, the problem is he leaves his back end still sticking out of the bed is just hilarious.


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