Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Finds and Some Randomness

Well, a photo of today's Friday Finds would be pretty I'll decorate my post with a nearly "straight out of the can" photograph of my backlit hibiscus.

Today I was at my alma mater, the graduate school of social work at Case Western Reserve University taking a continuing education course.

As a mental health professional, I historically diagnose mental disorders using what is known as The Diganostic and Statistic Manual IV-TR.  Well, they've upgraded to the DSM 5, released this past May and boy have I found  LOTS of changes...and some changes we had hoped for did not make it.  I learned a lot.

For example:

  • The DSM 5 is like Shakespeare; nothing is done without meaning or a reason.
  • There is no longer a category for disorders of childhood and adolescence.
  • Mental retardation has been replaced by "intellectual disability."
  • Asperger Syndrome is no longer a diagnosis.
  • There is a section that focuses on internet gaming disorder (and they don't mean internet gambling).  
Now that I've let you watch paint dry...I'll give you another photo to view, followed by five random movie quotes...can you recall these?

"I won't be ignored, Dan!"
"...and on such pretty stationery."
"These potatoes are so creamy."
"I have a prostate gland the size of a bagel."
"Anyone? Anyone?"

Answers:  Fatal Attraction (said by Glenn Close); First Wive's Club (comment about their college friend's suicide note); While You Were Sleeping; The Paper (said by Robert Duvall); Ferris Bueller's Day Off (said by Ben Stein).

Have a fun weekend...make some memories!


  1. Some of the changes in your class, left me with my mouth hanging open! BTW...your hibiscus bokeh oh so yummy.

  2. Love both images. As for the movie quotes...
    1. Fatal Attraction (?)
    2. First Wives Club
    3. While You Were Sleeping
    4. ????
    5. ????

    1. Carol - The Paper, said by Robert Duvall; Ferris Bueller's Day off, said by Ben Stein. "Bueller..."

  3. Wow my friends sounds really difficult

    PS I only knew Sleepness in Seattle......

  4. Well, I can understand why you found it difficult to photograph your 'find' this week! But the photos you did share are awesome!

  5. I'm not so good at quotes or movies...hardly ever go...but I do know that both of your flowers are so pretty and I love the bokeh in the first shot..
    Interesting, I took a photo of my Friday Find, edited it and then decided that I didn't like it at deleted it...No Friday Find for me this week...

  6. Fun and not so fun randomness, Denise. Asperger's no longer a diagnosis? Seriously?

    But I do love your quotes from the movies. I guessed the last one. :)

  7. I love both of your photos, but especially the petunia on the porch - so pretty!

  8. more, more,more-both the quotes and the beautiful bokeh in your image. Lots of fun.

  9. Beautiful shots and very interesting stories! Enjoyed my visit very much! Thanks for sharing!

  10. love back light on just about anything, but your hibiscus is gorgeous, coming over from Kim's Friday Finds.
    peace n abundance,


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