Friday, November 23, 2012

The Distraction of Hype

Yesterday was a wonderful day with my daughter and her family at our house...and I took time from the internet and my blog to focus on being present with them and my husband.  So, in the hopes to inspire you, my thought today was to post only three photos...

Ordinary Wonder

...that focus on gratitude...

Living Life as a Gift

...and remind us (especially me) how we should gratefully live our lives...

Thanksgivings, Joy, Blessings

but I must also add a statement my daughter, Lydia, said to me during our time yesterday that should make all of us stop and think,
Isn't it ironic that on the day we are to focus on being thankful for all we have, the hype is about getting the meal over to go out and buy more?
At what point does it become enough?

Happy Thanksgiving to all of we celebrate it with our lives throughout the next year!


  1. Wise words indeed your daughter has summed up exactly how I'm feeling this year about Christmas....

  2. Beautiful pictures! Such wise words from someone young. I am hopefully our kids generation will change things.

  3. So much beauty in your words and images. I loved this. Late for the party but better later than never.
    Blessings my dear.


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