Monday, December 10, 2012

Lightening Up for Christmas

When one focuses on gratitude and praise and all of God's wonderful can bet one thing will happen.  You'll get sucker punched...and your joy seems to disappear.  But it hasn' just need to re-adjust your focus...again...and again.

I'm coming to grips at a deeper level that I am more an introvert, than extrovert.  I'm sure I will explore this in future posts.

But for now...I'll show you some things that have been taking up some of my time.  Lighten it up a bit.

I am so grateful for pinterest...

I am a Secret Santa for one of my colleagues in the office...wanna see some of the things I've made?

I took a jar...and turned it into a Snowman soak...see?


And while I have not had time to do much baking, I did make these Christmas fortune cookies for her...see?

The other two things I've made I did not get to photograph...but I'll try to sneak one!!!!! (note to self)
Final gift tomorrow...check in tomorrow night and see what it is...
Hope you're taking a moment or two out this busy season to contemplate all that is important and meaningful to you.


  1. Denise such wonderful gifts you have taken such time and imagination on all of them. So glad you are back my friend here always.....
    PS I know a lot of people think I am an extrovert I'm good at faking it ......

  2. Such super cute projects. Glad you are still using your creativeness :)

  3. Denise. Glad you are getting some creative time. I love those projects.

  4. What cute fortune cookies! I'm getting inspired! It's all good...

  5. Wow- it's clear you've put so much thought and effort into your lovely gifts! December has drained me.,

  6. It's important to let our creativity "out." Wonderful that you made something so personal and thoughtful.


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