Monday, December 24, 2012

Gifts Given ~ Receiving One Unexpected

December is the busiest month in my work at a children's hospital.  Christmas, children, hospital...what a combination...and we go all out to ensure our patients/families (admitted or at home) have a Merry addition to our day-in/day-out routine (although this job has no routine!).

As it has been so busy and hectic, my writing consistency has limped a little...and I appreciate the patience of my readers. (Mea culpa!)

I used my photography as Christmas gifts to my colleagues in pediatric palliative care who labor and sacrifice to make life better for those with chronic/complex medical conditions.

I made two sets of notecards...using 4x6 photos developed by Mpix, photomount cards and envelopes from Cheap Joes, and stationery boxes from U-Line...all internet ordered...easy peasy deluxe!!!!!  (Right up my alley!)

Set One:  Sunflowers - These were from the 100-plus volunteers from stray sunflower seeds from the bird feeders this summer.

 Live Simply
Face the Sunshine
Love and Gratitude

Finding Light

Ordinary Sunday
Set Two:  Cuppas (Inspired from Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers class Day 46.
A Cuppa Peace
 A Cuppa Java

Join Me for a Cuppa
 A Cuppa Summer
 A Cuppa Hope
 A Cuppa Serenity

And the gift I received...unexpected????  I'll share in my next post...(teaser)!

Merry Christmas to all of you...and wishing you a year full of gratitude in 2013!


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