Saturday, November 3, 2012

Anorexics and Fences

Have I ever showed you my favorite fence photo I ever took for all time?  Joy Dare October is past...a good discipline for me.  Oh...I will continue to focus on God's everyday gifts...but I'm back to mixing it up.

Now Happy Fence Friday is something that is common among those who post on Flickr regularly, but Donna Catterick clued me into a Fence Friday at Life According to Jan and this is my pick!


One of those magical times when you see something unusual (I rarely see Turkey Vultures not flying that don't fly away when you try to capture them)...and then you find the PERFECT quote.

I've always loved Erma Bombeck...and miss her wit, wisdom, and self-deprecating humor.  Definitely found another quote I'm going to use soon!

May God give you the gift of laughter for a moment today!


  1. That's amazing! A fine choice. I love it!

  2. Love Erma Bombeck, too! You have done great work here, Denise.

  3. Great rustic n the vultures n quote go so well together! Welcome to FF

  4. I can see why it is your favorite! It's wonderful!! Love the Erma quote! I will definitely have to look up more of her stuff.

  5. Great shot and perfect quote!

  6. What a fabulous shot to be given to you.


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