Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where Women Create...and Why...

I must not get out much because I had NO idea how magazines were costing these days...

But I came across this treasure of a magazine in May...thinking it was a fluke...I bought the next issue...

This one was just as good...if not better...

Each issue profiles about 10 or so artists...all in diverse genres...just a few are:

  • Kathy Davis - greeting cards and lifestyle products
  • Melinda Graham - interior design
  • Flora Bowley - painter and instructor
  • Jenny Doan - quilter
...and more...

There are WONDERFUL photos of their studios, where they create...plus their own story how they evolved into the work they are doing today.

Each featured artists gives one tip AND a favorite quote...

Then there's an issue feature called, The Business of the Studio by Elizabeth Maxson.  <--link to a great blog!   Last issue's article was on The Storytelling of Staging.

Her article this issue, From Passion to Pro, started out with:
For those of you who spend every waking hour trying to figure out how to ditch your 'real job' in order to pursue your passion into a profession, this article is for you.
Now...I am passionate about my 'real job'...but to say I would not like to take my artistic passion and turn it into something that could supplement my retirement is pretty much on target!

Whether an individual artist's genre appeals to my personal taste...each story resonated with me.  A lot about  being bit as a child with the creativity addiction...being content alone with paper or things thrown away or scraps of fabric...perfectly entertained.

Now Where Women Create can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest...plus the magazine can be found at Barnes & Noble and at Books-A-Million...and oh does it feel good in your hands!

Now why women create...I only have one answer...based on my own experience and what I've read about these other women.  It is because we cannot NOT create...

It is like breathing...without it, we are not our true selves...life feels off...like something's missing.  Can you relate?

And lookie here...here is my new swing I talked about here!  (and Arthur...)

But honestly...why do I create?  I  know that my only Source is the Creator ... and in order to create with the talent He graciously bestowed to me...I must remain...abide...be plugged into Him every day of my life.


  1. Lovely swing Denise I don't buy the Somerset Studio magazines any more because it is soooo expense, in UK they don't convert $ to £ they just charge £14.99 which is equivalent to $22.50 ! Bummer because I love it... anyhow moan over the photography and articles look really interesting...

  2. The mags sound great ... but my oh my what a fantastic swing!

  3. The mags sound great ... but my oh my what a fantastic swing!

  4. Oh I could just swing away the hours on a spring evening...
    I didn't realize that this magazine had such good articles; I always thought it was fluff. I will at least pick one up at the bookstore and peruse it now.



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