Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Think Happy...Be Happy...

Yesterday...I talked about how gratitude and joy cannot be separated...

Sometimes we get stuck...get in ruts...clogged...and it seems as if that has been the case with my groupie photography girls...

So...Sarah Huizenga came up with an idea...having a weekly challenge in our group based on a theme of a word or a color...

This week was either "amusing" or "orange"... and I chose one and wove it into yesterday's post.

Think Happy...Be Happy

Now I know joy is different than happiness...but you catch my drift, true?

A Cuppa Orange

Anyway...I think this Sarah is on to something...and it surely will be fun!


  1. Love that happy face at the bottom of the mug...too cute!

  2. Brilliant mug and great photos I think Sarah is definitely on to a great idea...

  3. I love your mug! And you photographed it so beautifully...

  4. Excellent orange mug. I love the texture of the surface you have this set up upon, and the color of it is perfect.

  5. Playing catch up and I love these shots. Your orange mug is too cool.


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