Saturday, May 4, 2013

Latest Pages - Beyond Beyond

It's been awhile since I did any scrapping pages of my work in Kim Klassen's Beyond Beyond...and my challenge from Viv Halliwell to scrapbook each work so I have 52 pages of work done all year...

In case you don't remember, this is a year-long course of inspiration, photography challenges, and editing tutorials...a continuation in some ways...of Beyond Layers, which I participated in last year.

Beyond Beyond - Day 7 - Edit Based On Your Own Interpretation

Day 7 (Week 7) - We were given this is the original...

and edit it with our own interpretation...possibly had text.

Beyond Beyond - Day 8 - A Matte Finish

Day 8 (Week 8, actually) had two different lessons.  This was my work on editing with a matte finish on my photos...

Beyond Beyond - Day 8 - Chalkboarding

The second lesson that week was about making chalkboard images in Photoshop.

Beyond Beyond - Day 9 - Fun With Type

Day 9 (Week 9) is about having fun with type...typing on shapes, et al.  This was a super fun lesson!!!

Beyond Beyond - Day 11 - Creating A Storyboard

I have not done Day 10 (Week 10)...but I have a whole year...but  Day 11 (Week 11) was about gathering items of similar colors (I chose pink) and make a storyboard.  Another fun lesson!

Beyond Beyond - Day 12 - Tinting Your Images

Day 12 (Week 12) was about taking a color photo and tinting it with a shade in Lightroom 4.  Arthur steals the show!

Day 13 - Coloring and Stamping

Day 13 (Week 13) had two parts...I've yet to complete the second part (I was on vacation for goodness sake and started Kat Sloma's course).  We were taught out to take picture fonts and color them...turning them into stamps to use over.

Beyond Beyond - Day 14 - A Little of This and That

Day 14 (Week 14) showed how we could take a "portrait" orientation photo (which really looks long on a blog) and add a wide border and text to make it more landscape or square.  Great idea!

Now...what will Day 15 bring?


  1. Wowser well done my friend I'll have to catch up now just the push I needed....

  2. Great job Denise. I am quite behind on Beyond, Beyond. Eventually I will get it done.

  3. You've gotten a lot done and they look great! I totally missed 13. I better go and at least watch the videos.

  4. I love seeing what you've done with Kim's assorted assignments. I also admire your goal of one scrapbook layout for each lesson.



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