Sunday, September 23, 2012

To Tell the Truth

Well, I'm going to go back to Hebrews, the passage Pastor Craig spoke of this morning at church.

This old, deep, heavy book from the first century holds some amazing insight.  Again, in my march-to-the-beat-of-a-different-drummer style, I love this book.

Do you remember the TV game show, To Tell the Truth?  Three individuals claim to be the person described in an affidavit stating accomplishments, traits, occupations, or other significant detail about the one they are impersonating.  Here's a clip with Orville Redenbacher (it's terrible but I actually remember seeing this one...1972...check out the sideburns on Joe Garagiolo).  It is amazing no one knew who he was in 1972!


As we went through Hebrews 2:14-18 today, I was thinking:  What if some of history's figures worshipped in the world's religions were guests on To Tell the Truth...say, Siddharta Gautama (the Buddha), Muhammed, and Joseph Smith...and add the one and only Jesus Christ...each claiming to be "the way to heaven"...what would that look like?

How would the affidavit read?  What would be the claims?  Some would be from this passage, I'm sure:

  • I am God the Son who chose to become human, while God...the only way I could do a search and rescue of the sons of Abraham.

  • I am God the Son who chose to become human, while God...the only way I could do a search and destroy the power of sin.

  • I am God the Son who became in every way like all of you, so I could be a merciful and faithful high priest, yet maintaining all of my Divinity.

  • I am God the Son who left the glory of heaven to go through the suffering and testing that the human race bears, so you would know that "he's been there; done that"...yet remaining as God and without sin.

If these four were convincing that they were the "real thing"...the way to heaven..., and you were a panelist......who would you vote for?

In the end, only One can attest to the claims we went through in Hebrews today...among many others.  First and foremost, the other two were already human...none BUT ONE chose to become human to be authentic in His relationship with us, to destroy the power sin has over our lives, and to die in a most hideous way...and live!

That's who I'm following~~~Jesus Christ.

So, as I ponder His mercies new every day...I'm so thankful He called me to Himself, came after me, and I am forever His.



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