Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shapes and 5 Fact Friday ~

This week flew...but I figured better late than never with my 5 Fact Friday.

Elijah, my 4-year-old grandson, and I went to a local park, The Seiberling Nature Realm, which is a metropark and arboretum.  Edster and Bruno came along, as well.  Elijah's job was to help Mamaw find some shapes to photograph.  In his honor, my 5 facts this week will center around him.

1.  Elijah LOVES green!  Green has been his favorite color since he was 2 and first recognized colors.

 Elijah Loves GREEN!

2.  Elijah won't sit in chairs that have flowers in them.  When I asked him to sit in this chair, he said he couldn't without hurting the flowers.

 Bloowm Where You Are Planted>

3.  Elijah  notices the little things.

 Notice the Little Things

4.  Elijah cannot pass up a drinking fountain.  He thought there were three circles in this photograph, but he forgot to count his mouth and ear.

 Ordinary Moments

5.  Elijah always has fun with Mamaw.

 Elijah Examining his "Potato"

And so this week in my Beyond Layers e-course, I did the assignment looking for circles and squares.  Here are the results (thanks, Elijah!):



I've noticed this week that there is merit in paying attention to the ordinary, every day things.  Elijah notices everything and an ordinary walk brought so many gifts and so much joy.  It was a thrill to walk through the paths on an evening of the waning summer.  The glory of God was everywhere!

With gratitude,



  1. So beautiful and so cute...the set up is wonderful...Now I'm really feeling behind...Your work is just so lovely...Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Your layouts are (once again!) beautiful! I love your grandson's little green shoes! so cute!!

  3. Once again you have made a spectacular story out of such simple things. There is nothing better than spending this kind of time with a grandchild. They are sponges to start with. They do really see everything at this age. He is a doll. What Joy. And, he was an amazing helper!!

    Beautiful post processing ... I just have not had the time this past couple weeks to focus on the details. All but one of my memory cards are with my daughter as we shot a wedding last Saturday ... I was her back-up. =0) Can't wait to get my cards back so I can be reminded of what I took. I used my macro lens to capture some details and did some candids of the attendees.
    I'm sure there were some squares and circles in there somewhere.
    We did a study at camera club about shapes within images from history and really you start to see them everywhere once you notice them. It all plays a part in the composition feeling balanced. Very interesting when you start comparing.

    Anyway ... you did excellent in your assignments, ... bravo. Boy, I must get something on my blog this weekend for sure. I will have to put two 5 fact Fridays together just so I can say I did it.
    Have a lovely Labour Day weekend!!
    Joy xo

  4. Denise so beautiful love your little Elijah what a cutie they are such great companions at that age. your post processing of the fountain shot was gorgeous. Have a great long weekend ....

  5. Oh, so sweet and beautiful! I love all your facts!


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