Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Frolic Full of Remembering ~ Part 2

The weather is changing fast...summer has almost closed the door on 2012, except for its Indian sister...

Earlier I began this story about my Fall walk with my Edster this week...

 Brandywine Falls

Our walk took us over to Brandywine Falls, part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park...a place with much meaning for both of us.


When Edster first came to Akron, he had just had his 14th surgery on his knee...and his 2nd knee replacement...grateful that his leg had been spared despite ongoing neuropathic pain.  With Brandywine Falls close by, we made his therapy goal to be able to go down and up the boardwalk stairs to and from Brandywine Falls.  As Bruno shows you here...that's a LOT of stairs.

 The Falls from Afar

High stairs...

 Waterfall in Fall

But he did it...and so we had our engagement setting taken at Brandywine Falls.

 Tripping Down the Steps

We had not visited there for such a long time since those days...despite it being nearby.

The night before my wedding, I slept at The Inn at Brandywine Falls...a 19th century farmhouse at the top of falls.   We had reserved several rooms over two nights for out-of-town guests in the wedding party.

 Inn at Brandywine Falls

That morning, a phone call at 5:30 a.m. from my brother told me that my father had died.  That night, alone in the room at the Inn, I received a very meaningful phone call at 11:30 p.m., from my boss.

I had not walked the grounds of the Inn since then, and our walk brought many mingled with sorrow.

 The Granary

Our first night together as man and wife, we spent at the Inn, but in The Granary...formerly a chicken was now a suite apart from the main house.  It was beautiful and enchanting.  And historic...right up my alley.  But I had calling hours and a funeral to go through, before we could move on to Maine for our honeymoon.

 Back at the Inn

It was wonderful this week to take the time out to slow down and walk...

 The Inn in Early Autumn

to remember...

 Home Light

my miracle marriage to my husband...

 Waning Color

and how much I miss my dad...

 Outside the Granary

and how such mixed emotions come from the same place...

 Delicately Random

the heart...

for you cannot open yourself to love without also opening yourself up to grief.

I am truly blessed.



  1. Oh Denise - so moving, Need a tissue.

  2. Beautiful Denise what wonderful memories the beginning of a new life together and poignancy of the sad news your photographs are so wonderful....

  3. You are so is a very unique time of year. In four days I went from my greatest joy to my deepest sorrow...the full spectrum of emotions. Now this time of year is very precious to is like my New Year' time of reflection of my life and direction. I'm getting a pedicure on the Friday before my wedding talking to my brother making funeral was bizarre. But I am grateful I was able to have the relationship with my dad I always craved the last 6 years of his life.

  4. I love this post - as usual a visual and spiritual treat. I once read somewhere that every joy is tinged with sorrow...and every sorrow tinged with joy. I have seen it and experienced it often...

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Beautiful photos, especially of the water going over the rocks. Your moving story touched my heart and set me thinking again about my husband. The empty bench is so poignant. It's how I feel inside as well. Just over a month and a half and the grief is getting worse instead of better. Will it consume me? I don't know.

    Thank you for "listening."

  6. Absolutely it won't consume you...but you have to do the work, Madelin, which you are.  I had lost my father, not my husband...and I was shell-shocked how the loss hit me so hard when he had lived a good long was the normal cycle of was hard.  And for some reason (and this is not uncommon), the second year is harder than the first.  I need to send you The Miracle of the Goldfinches...better yet...maybe post it on here.

  7. Such powerful memories! What a beautiful setting for you that brings joy and sorrow, life's two strongest emotions.

  8. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing that space and time. Your love is captured in your art.

  9. The photos are magnificent and your story full of light and shadows...Absolutely true how love and grief are close companions...


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