Friday, September 14, 2012

5 Fact Friday ~ On Friday!

It's that time again...and I'm actually posting it on Friday!

Well, as the summer ebbs away...and the autumn winds seems much more apparent...there's a bittersweet feeling, a touch of melancholy, in my anticipation of the season of colored leaves, the smell of apples, the glory of the mum, and the glow of spiced candles.

So 5 Facts are about what is disappearing by October.

 You Just Keep Me Hangin' On

1.  One of my favorite things to witness in September is "whirling birdies"...a fun way to say goodbye til spring to these flying cigars.

2.  Bees, bugs, and dragonflies will no longer be found in my favorite bog.


3.  The blooming sunny sunflowers are now seeded heads, bowed over with frequent goldfinch visitors or headless, as the squirrels have chewed them off, scurrying off with their spoils, gleaning the seeds as they sit on the backyard fence.

4.  The butterflies are no longer frequenting my frontyard butterfly bush.

5.  I'm no longer hearing the sweet song of the brilliant Indigo Bunting.

But it is as it should be...all things are beautiful in God's time.



  1. Hi denise...oh such a beautiful post. I LOVE your photo of the whirly birdies...perfect!

  2. Denise your macro shots are amazing lovely ......

  3. What a beautiful post with such lovely photo's...I think I will miss the songs of the birds most when late fall and winter come...but for now, they are still singing here.
    Have a joyous weekend.

  4. I love your approach to autumn. You have captured both the emotions and the beauty with this season. Truly bittersweet.

  5. A truly lovely post. Adore the subdued tones and simplicity of your first image.


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