Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Five Fact Friday ~ on Saturday (AGAIN)

Yesterday was Edster's 55th birthday...(he can now order from the Seniors menu at Bob Evans) besides work, I was pretty tied up.

My facts today (okay, I put in one extra)...are about what my tasks are this weekend (I could have made the list a LOT longer!)...

 Fall 5 Five Fact Friday

This was my first attempt at doing a torn edge digitally...not bad for my first attempt...if I say so myself.

Enjoy the weekend...good snuggling weather here in Ohio.


PS:  Latest score...14-0, WEST VIRGINIA!!!!!


  1. I think you did a fantastic job. Very creative.

  2. I love your fall 5 facts, torn edges and all.

  3. The opposite of not bad is what you have here: very lovely!

  4. Very good it is addictive believe you me..... Have a great weekend.... And Happy Birthday to your man......

  5. yes the weather turned cooler here too! :~) love it! I am so with you on #2...catching up with Round Trip. I have been so busy with the class that i hardly have any time for blogging or FB right now!


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