Monday, July 30, 2012

Authenticity and Intimacy

In my Beyond Layers e-course, Kim challenged us to think about speaking from the heart and from her own heart stated even her own "heart letters" may not be everyone's cuppa tea.  She wanted to hear our thoughts about this...what holds us back, what encourages the end of my comment post, I realized I had just written a blog entry.  Here it is:

Kim ~ Last week we had an "art therapy" activity among our pediatric palliative care team...collages (from magazines) of our hopes and dreams. My hopes and dreams were very different than my coworkers. Mine were more internal. The top words I had cut out stated "tired of imitation." Below that was a cut out picture illustrating deep roots. What I'm getting at is that the focus of my life seems to be around being authentic...not performing, acquiescing, patronizing or being what people want me to be if it conflicts with my core values and my ethical responsibility to be authentic.  Also to make sure my roots are deep and my foundation is sure on the things that matter.

Truth at All Costs

One of my favorite quotes: "Peace, if possible; truth at all costs."

Given that...I truly believe in speaking from your heart! That is authentic!! Although, at the same time, in my past, I have shared too much before assessing whether or not the person on the receiving end valued what I shared, what I disclosed, or acknowledged the bravery and courage that it took to be intimate. And my heart-sharing was often not regarded as something precious and was trampled on.

I believe that I can be authentic in what I do all the time...but while I am authentic, true to myself, that does not mean I am always intimate and throw boundaries to the wind. Jesus spoke of not casting your pearls before swine in Matthew 7:6,
"Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces." 

Over the years, my maturity has evolved into having discernment. I can be warm and engaging with others, but only those kindred spirits of mine will see those pearls...  And when the Spirit moves me to trust the Lord to share deeply with a new acquaintance that I've discerned God has brought along my pathway.

Beyond Layers should be a safe place...most of the world is not like us (at least I speak from my own personal experience).  Acceptance of authenticity should be part of the culture in this group. It was part of my starting the "groupies of kim klassen" facebook group that is private and where we could share our hearts.

Let's face it...there are lots of places where we can take e-courses on photo techniques or "live" classrooms. I don't think that is what drew me, not only to Beyond Layers, but other e-courses that you provide. I love the thought-provoking, reflective stimulation that you have provided in Beyond's kind of like personal growth/self-help/therapy while learning more about the art we are passionate about. A winning combination!!!

Ruh roh...I think I just wrote a blog entry... :) See how you inspire us?????????????????

I truly believe that until you are true to yourself, grateful to God for who He made you to be, and comfortable in your own skin that being you is something you do without pretense or assumption, you cannot truly have meaningful relationships with others.

Estrangement of Self
And when your relationships are meaningful, authenticity and intimacy are at the core.

With gratitude,



  1. Denise, this is so beautiful. True and authentic. Lovely images too. Your blog looks great, very simple and beautiful. Thanks for this post, it spoke to my heart too.

  2. It spoke to my heart as well. Well said!!

  3. As always, a beautiful, inspiring post!

  4. Denise that was truly amazing authenticity is all important , being accountable to yourself. That rings out from you and I truly believe that we were all meant to find each other in Beyond Layers and Behind the Scenes that Kim has done something truly memorable that we all, feel so safe here. X

  5. Very well said. Authenticity is the key any true relationship. People that are "faking it" just don't make it with me.

  6. Denise, this is beautiful and it makes the journey sweeter to be able to share with kindred hearts. Something that is rarely done in the hurry, scurry lives people get caught up in. Taking the time..... love that.

  7. Beautifully written. The last photo and quote spoke to me.
    Thank you


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