Monday, July 2, 2012

Here a Cuppa...There a Cuppa

An assignment from Day 46 of Beyond Layers.  We were challenged to show off some of our favorite "cups" or "cuppas" through photographs...or if you did not own any, take some photos of cups in shops or displays.  These were my choices:
  • A brightly-colored super summer flowerd "cuppa"
  • A pastel pink "cuppa" with soft white polka dots
  • A summery flowered "cuppa" with fun colors
  • A green "cuppa" with leaves as the motif
What a fun project honing skills on setting up stills and creating beauty from something common.  By the way, I got all of my mugs from TJMaxx for a song!  Now that's a cuppa!

With gratitude,



  1. Love your images of your favourite cups and the words! Wonderful processing! Found your blog on Reflection of you!

  2. love your cups! I'll have to go there. Your photos are wonderful and your blog looks great!


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