Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Way We Were ~ A Friday Finds

Can you hear the song?  Mmmmmmmmmemories...light the corners of my mind...

This week, celebrating and remembering those who have gone before, was a week filled with finds.  As I wrote here, we drive several hundred miles annually to remember and bestow honor.

What memories did I find?

  • I saw my Grandmother once again braid her knee-length hair behind her back and roll it up into a bun. 
  • I saw my Papaw bring in a bucket of coal for the coal-burning stove in the middle of the living room with the linoleum floor.
  • I smelled my Mamaw's homemade rolls just out of the oven covered with a linen cloth.
  • I watched my Bebaw throw out half of his toast on the backyard for the birds.  "Bird bread," he called it.
  • I heard my mother's authentic laugh as she had got tickled by something really funny.
  • I saw my dad practicing his drive swing leaving divets in our front yard next to the driveway.
and so many more...

I also memorialized great-grandparents and great-great grandparents with whom I have no charms for my least none that I experienced personally...only know of stories.

These are priceless jewels,  They challenge me to make sure that my children and grandchildren have plenty of their own charms for their memory bracelets they will inherit.

Make memories...take still...find the preciousness in the every day.  

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  1. Very powerful Denise it is important not only to remember but to write down those memories for those who come after us....

  2. I will echo Viv, this is powerful and so beautiful, and very heart warming!!!! Thank you for sharing this Denise!

  3. Yes to what Viv said, I love the little blue flowers so sweet

  4. Beautiful, Denise! Moments with family are wonderful treasures that we all need to pay more attention to.

  5. Beautifully written, Denise, and so wonderful that you're able to do this each year. Makes my heart sing!

  6. Very heartwarming indeed - precious memories and beautiful image and quote to memorialize them.

  7. What a beautiful verse and lovely memories that you shared with us. Beautifully done!

  8. Nicely shared, Denise. I love the idea of our memories becoming a beautiful bracelet in our mind. I've never owned a charm bracelet, but I heard a rumor that I'm getting one for my birthday. I will definitely look at it differently now. Have a blessed week!

  9. What wonderful memories .... they are so precious!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  10. Oh, how I adore your devotion to family and those special memories. I am in the process of documenting my mother and mother-in-law in their homes - the way they live their lives and the wonderful souls they are. I was inspired by the photography of Theron Humphrey and this Wild Idea project (,_hwy_17). Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photo and the sweet memories. You remind me to be grateful - and some days I really need that reminder.


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