Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day ~ It is Not About Me

Mother's Day...the first in my life without my mother...who sacrificed so much for me.

As I reflect on motherhood, I ponder how having a child turns the page on the book of one's life to a chapter where nothing is ever the same again.  I see mothers and their children every day in my work at the hospital.  I have had my own experiences with motherhood.  Actually, I believe motherhood begins at the time of conception.  And nothing is guaranteed. And the Bible reminds me that, "you are not your own" and, therefore, from that is not about's about God and His will.

  • God does not promise to you, a mother, that your baby will survive pregnancy or delivery.
  • As a mother, God may require you to give your child more as a gift to an adoptive family.
  • Without ever knowing why, your baby may be born with a disability or chronic disease.
  • There is no guarantee that your baby in his life will not experience trauma or premature death.
  • As a mother, you may face the sorrow of your little one to grow up to be rebellious and in trouble with the law.
  • God does not guarantee that your baby will live happily ever after without struggle.
But He calls us to trust Him and to love those children with whom we have been entrusted.  Sometimes that love has to be tough but always unconditional.  I watched my mother trust God and love me when at times I caused her pain and disappointment.  She was obedient and faithful.

With my children, to this day, I have felt salty tears on my cheeks when my hopes and dreams have been crushed, but my love has been sustained.  

Motherhood has brought me immense joy.  But it has also brought with it loss and suffering.  And I cling to Him in this lifelong responsibility.  And so every day I hold my hands up high, palms up, knowing my children are not mine, but His ~ and laying them at His feet daily is my greatest responsibility.

I am grateful for this honor...


  1. Oh Denise,,,,,, thank you for this very poignant post…..your pics are so beautiful as are your words,,,,, so meaningful…. May God bless you as you celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow…

  2. Beautiful post! May your Mother's Day be special!

  3. Truthfully and beautifully written. The photos are wonderful, too. Hope your day is especially blessed.

  4. thank you-I needed to hear that again--

  5. I've been thinking these thoughts too, now that my daughter is to 'join the club' in a few short weeks. You have put it into words - and images - beautifully.


  6. Beautiful post Denise. I hope your day was as beautiful.

  7. Love the flowers and your meaningful thoughts.


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